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TODD HOUSER ________________

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"I like to work intuitively. Capturing the right moment is not a technical decision, it's a spontaneous and creative one. I believe that is how great work happens."

*Recognized with 7 Gold Awards and 4 Silver in Graphis Photography Annuals.

Portrait photography is about capturing emotion - and perhaps a raw, authentic, and unexpected reality. When I get to capture that moment - it feels like Art. I believe in Art.

I approach 'things' from the view point that any thing can be beautiful, from clean to crude there is an artistic possibility.


As a Creative Director and Art Director for over 24 years, photography represents what I do best - render the complex to a simple concept. It's distillation. It's what I do. 


The point is, I am motivated and inspired by capturing images that enroll people to think and consider - even be entertained by what they see. It's what I wake up everyday yearning to do. 

PARTIAL CLIENT LIST // Volkswagen_ Dominos Pizza_ Geek Squad_ American Express OPEN_ Couples Resorts_ Bacardi_ Sun Int’l_ RCCL_Fortune Int’l_ Funkshion MIA_ Mercedes Benz_ Pepsi_ Burger King_ Miami Dolphins_ Planet Hollywood_ Fergie Jenkins_ Bull Horn Brand

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